Insect Shooting (Real AR)

     Insect Shooting (Real AR) Are you a fan of Augmented Reality (AR) and Insect Shooting AR game? This Insect Shooting (Real AR) is exactly the one your want! There are many kinds of insects in this game that you have to shoot in your real world. Just for fun only! This is real Insect Shooting AR game, so you need to move the phone or move your body to find the hidden insect to shoot it. This game isn't really hard, hope you will pass all levels of Insect Shooting (Real AR) game!!! The last level of Insect Shooting (Real AR) is really hard btw. IMPORANT: There is not a lot annoyed ads, enjoy our new insect shooting AR game. Google Play:

Privacy Policy

DATA SAFETY DEVICE ID and Country code :  will be recorded on our server to track ads click. We don't publish this information to any third party, just only us for tracking. No email or address are tracked. Crash log:   crash and error log is recorded to Firebase for our internal analytics. We don't publish this information to any third party. PERMISSIONS CAMERA: A permission  is required to use this game. It will be the background of the game and very important because this game is an AR game. That's all. It won't be used for any other purpose. It is necessary for the basic function of the game. We do not collect or store and picture/image to your phone and our end.